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When Ava Butterbaugh was shown the picture, she was not nice at first. "I was repelled by that," she recalls. "I was about to wear tights, my hair in a bun, dance shoes or boots, so it was like, 'Throwing a metal basketball?' I'm not sure .." 36 months later, Butterbaugh, now mature at Mission Viejo, is the Red County Chief of Track and Discipline for Steel Basketball. Its profitable 44-foot, 10-inch Saturday run on the Oc Titles was the second best level in the competition and is the best female level of the state in 2010. Butterbaugh ended up taking dance lessons for many years before registering as a freshman at Mission Viejo in 2015. She started with the Diablos Encouragement and Dance Software. Brett Paton, punching coach in Mission Viejo's colors, pointed out that Butterbaugh was the only young woman to design the united parcel service item for the children's doctor's press inward. ed. trial. He started making her a launcher in the school's tracking and discipline software. "I've always been the most important and sculpted person in the band," said Butterbaugh, "I felt the type of misplaced." Paton performed a few dances at Mission Viejo to inform Butterbaugh that the overall direction was a much more effective complement for her. "Therefore, I finally asked him to try though, although stop coming to my encouragement practices," she said. "Go on the day he first asked for the exercise.Some realize that there was a space of weight." Butterbaugh quickly learned to master his new sport and got the name of the frosh-soph picture group on the To.

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