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Fox News FDA's top US standards set Wednesday target for Juul and other e-cigarette companies, warning that they will have to protest within two years . month how they will keep your products from the arms of young adults. Remember an "outbreak" in the use of electronic cigarettes by teens, Doctor Commissioner of the FDA. Scott Gottlieb said the FDA could possibly want organizations to change advertising and marketing methods. Stop distributing merchandise to merchants who target youth and remove scented electronic cigarette items from the marketplace. "I take the term" epidemic "meticulously," said Gottlieb. "E-cigarettes are becoming a pattern almost everywhere - and dangerous - for teens, and the troubling and accelerating trajectory we see in children, and the path to addiction, must stop. is really not tolerable. " Juul, MarkTen, Vuse, Blu and Logic control 97% of the e-cigarette market, the FDA said. In the next sixty days, the FDA intends brands to check the sales and marketing methods of several electronic cigarette manufacturers, carrying out "footwear assessments in the grass," Gottlieb said. In addition, the company is increasingly taking federal enforcement action on sales of electronic tobacco cigarettes to under 18s in convenience stores and other retail locations, Gottlieb said. On Wednesday, he declared "old activity" against more than one particular, more than 200 merchants who illegally offered Juul and other e-smokes to under-18s after a documented crack on them on July 1. Gottlieb described the FDA threatens stores activity as the most difficult activity in terms of implementing the rights of the company.

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