Golden Gals Live!: Charleston obtains a comic touch of the Golden Girls dragged

The girls who come to Charleston. On the 31st, the music is on the comedy entitled Gals. It is a musical play, has twisted some white characters, Sophia Dorthy. The game is the race hocus of Minj RuPaul 2. Galore Play Rose. Ms. Will Sophia Divine throws Dorothy. . "Imagine Charleston The Show" The Cast Crew the Gals invites you to 'Golden Gals Live!': Charleston gets a comedic twist of the Golden Girls in drag adjust to your favorite elders! When the Hurricane Miami, the guests, the GOES - can you, the hijinks suit you. Departures 8 at the doors of May to P.M. . Age is at age, tickets are $20-$25. Take part in an additional paid customer. No more tickets can be found. Golden Live!: The Comedic of Golden (supplied by music). Thank you.
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