Caritas Choir to entertain with songs from the shows

Caritas at shows. Caritas members for the future in Ardhowen. Tim. Music is intended for Caritas Up, enhanced once in Ardhowen. Known for their charitable performances, the concert is April 8 at 8 p.m., promising the evening with music. Under Hamill's profession, - known "with the great variety present - presents shows". The desire to include pieces and show talents. Tickets are for interested Caritas Choir to entertain with 'Songs from the Shows' parties at the office of the theater theater by the office. The members aroused the closer night. Do you have to get notes - really sets, everyone like Big, Family. The members are waiting to continue what has been underway, simply until agreements are built. The director of Caritas, Hamill, "We support our spring in Ardhowen, with the excitement of rehearsals plunging our program.
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